The two universities have intensive collaboration in information security teaching. You can find here the list of education programs and courses in both universities.

Education programs

Aalto University:

Master’s Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences – Major in Security and Cloud Computing

SECCLO – Master’s Programme in Security and Cloud Computing:

University of Helsinki:

Master’s Programme in Computer Science –  “Networking and Services” subprogramme


Aalto University:

CS-C3130 Information Security

CS-E4100 Mobile Cloud Computing

CS-C3170 Web Software Development

CS-E4160 Laboratory Works in Networking and Security

CS-E4000 Seminar on Computer Science

CS-E4300 Network Security

CS-E4310 Mobile Systems Security

CS-E4320 Cryptography and Data Security

CS-E4330 Special course in information security

CS-E4520 Computer-Aided Verification and Synthesis

ELEC-E7470 Cybersecurity

(S016Z-LZ – Jatkotutkinnon opinto – Yleisöluentosarja, Kyberturvallisuus)

University of Helsinki:

Structure of the Networking and Services – programme

CSM13202 Cryptography in Networking

CSM13204 Cyber Security II

CSM13281 Seminar on Communication Security

582704 Mobile Systems Security